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With its 30 years of Corporate Real Estate Development and Investment experience, SKY provides support in three main areas. Development, Investment, Asset Management.

The activities carried out under these three main headings, on the other hand, bring together many different areas of expertise.



  • Site selection research and analysis

  • Analysis of existing zoning rights

  • Zoning development (Plan Revision, Local Development Plan processes)


Eco Life


  • Holistic, local, aware of climate change

  • Eco-Conscious

  • At peace with nature, healthy  design and material selection

  • Complete Project Design and Implementation

  • Concept and feasibility



Office, Residence, Shopping Mall, Tourism, Mixed Use…  According to the project type and model  differentiated success  criteria and creative solutions beyond these criteria  with Project/Investment  for its success;

  • An accurate STRATEGY and INNOVATIVE MODELS, based on up-to-date market data and competitive analysis, beyond a standard Best Use analysis, taking into account the developing trends in Turkey and in the world,  

  • Within the framework of the determined strategy, existing human resources, targets, strengths,

  • Considering other business areas where the Developer / Investor can create synergy,

  • Function mix, positioning, sub-product designs of the Project or Investment

is performed.



Profitable and stable in the long run, different,  a catchy, "address" project ... Beyond aesthetic, functional and thus  a design with high economic value ...

  • Determination of national or local architectural group alternatives suitable for the characteristics of the project,  

  • Architectural Brief,  

  • Management of proposal, architectural design competition processes,

  • Effective coordination between the Investor/Developer, Architect and other stakeholders of the project,

  • Developing the design process in accordance with the determined strategy and objectives,  



The financial structure and priorities of the Developer / Investor and the financing model to be created and implemented according to the characteristics of the project.

  • Flat for Flat / Revenue Sharing

  • Development Partnership

  • Investment Trust

  • Bank Financing

  • Participation Banking Financing Methods

  • Operating Partner

  • Discounted Pre-Sale

  • User Financing



  • Sales/Lease Planning (In Turkey and International Market)

  • activity of marketing 

  • Shopping mall and other retail real estate rental services management

  • Housing sales activities management

  • Relations with public administration (Municipalities, Environment and Urbanization, Forestry, Tourism Ministries, Chamber of Architects, Land Registry Cadastre)

  • Public Relations management (such as citizen groups, NGOs, local associations)



  • Tender / Bid Processes

  • Project Management Services management

  • Green Building certification processes, Sustainability Practices



  • Mall management planning and operation  

  • Office, residential sites facility management (Facility Management)

  • Hotel operators agreements and relationships

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