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Eco Life

   Complete Project Design and Implementation
Concept and feasibility
. Holistic. Local . Aware . Eco-Conscious .
. At Peace With Self & With Nature . Healthy . 
. Integrated Society and Culture through Community, Neighbours & Family .
Eco - Home Şile
For sale

On the Black Sea coast,
about 50 minutes by car (or by car and metro) to Istanbul city center,
If you want to live in this forested seaside town and have a healthy home for you and the planet,
contact us.
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Eco-Building isn't much of a thing here in Turkey, so we're on a mission to do something about it!
We want to build great, sustainable homes to live in.
We also know that commercial viability or economic feasibility is important, so we strive to create the best solution to fit each unique location.
If you are interested in learning more about eco-building or want to share what you know
then get in touch!

  Eco Life in Şile

  . Kas Life Project .

A small hotel, spa, fitness and sports areas, market area, organic farming, olive squeezing workshop, restaurant and cafe, shops (to produce) arts and crafts, squares and meeting places and spiritual space.

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